Confession 4: about Moon

Dear Moon, I am sorry to let you know that:

I forgot to remember you these days

6 Comments to “Confession 4: about Moon”

  1. lêanh says:

    Are u sure?

  2. nonameldm says:


  3. Demifantasy says:

    @LêAnh: có mới nói đó em ơi!!!

    @Yến: ủa sao té dzạ?

  4. Coin says:


    "Fly me to the moon_And let me play among the stars_Let me see what spring is like_On Jupiter and Mars_In other words hold my hand_In other words darling kiss me. Fill my life with song_And let me sing forever more_You are all I hope for_All I worship and adore_In other words please be true_In other words I love you."@DF: …just these days huh? and you still keep on sharing a half of your life with her? ;) I just started  a joke. Sorry.

  5. conmeokeumeomeo says:

    choáng váng + chới với ===> té

  6. Demifantasy says:

    @Yến: tại sao choáng váng và chới với?

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