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Driving In Korea 2018

Driving in South Korea (ROK) is easy in provinces, the streets are in good condition, traffic is low and I don't see policeman on streets. There are plenty of speed cameras along the street, both in cities and highways, the highest speed allowed is 120km/hour for speed cameras, but people drive slow when they are getting closed to the cameras and speed up right after it. Traffic in Seoul is extremely aggressive, road-signs are complicated and confusing, stay alert for turning and parking directions from GPS.

On the way to Preah Vihear Temple - Gas Station

We refill our fuel after exit Siem Riep, the fuel outside the city is cheaper than inside the city. We stop at random gas station, they accept both riel and dollars. The street is very good.

Get to lunch on a town on the way to Preah Vihear Temple

There is a town on the way to Preah Vihear Temple from Siem Riep. This town is small, and not a check point, but we stop here to buy things (cable for the music) and have lunch also. We google and came to Norodom Restaurant with a parking place, the food is not cheap and also not tasty, but acceptable for a small town on the road like this place, I did not expect more than the clean food.

Entrance Road of Preah Vihear Temple

This is the entrance of Preah Vihear Temple. You will have to buy ticket at the office about 500m away from the gate, on the main street. The security guy speak little English, and he only accepts ticket, not money. You can ask for the motocycle riding service at the office, people will take you to the top of mountain on a motocycle with 5$ a person, or you can drive up yourself, make sure you drive a 4x4 wheel.

Road To Preah Vihear Temple - pave road

We took this road on Google Maps's suggestion, it took us to cross the wild area with almost nobody accompany. The street is in good condition (we go on December, dry season), empty and save road for cars. There is no shops, no services, no gas stations, one or two houses, one or two people all along the street. I can not recommend this road for motorcycle, and if I ride a motorcycle, I would refer the bigger road, for more services along the way.

Road To Preah Vihear - pave road from the nearest town

After lunch, we continued to Preah Vihear temple on Google Map's suggestion. The street is quite dirty, a little busy nearby the town and going to empty far away. Overally, it is a good way to drive to Preah Vihear, but remember there is no WC, no stores, no gas stations, no houses, no people and nothing on the way, so prepare your trip for about 50kms to the land of no man.

Driving inside Angkor Wat area (last)
Driving to the Angkor Wat Ticket Office.

The ticket office to Angkor Wat does not locate INSIDE or NEAR the temple, it is outside, in between of Siemriep and Angkor Wat site. Remember to buy the ticket first, or you will have to go back, buy the ticket and come again. The rule is strict, no deal with the security guys.

Driving into Angkor Wat site

The road is good, drive slow to enjoy the forest and the local houses along the road.

Driving to Angkor Wat site from the town

You will cross the town from Siem Riep, take a road through the forest, the street is good condition, drive slow to enjoy the sideview.

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