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On the way to Preah Vihear Temple - Gas Station

We refill our fuel after exit Siem Riep, the fuel outside the city is cheaper than inside the city. We stop at random gas station, they accept both riel and dollars. The street is very good.

Get to lunch on a town on the way to Preah Vihear Temple

There is a town on the way to Preah Vihear Temple from Siem Riep. This town is small, and not a check point, but we stop here to buy things (cable for the music) and have lunch also. We google and came to Norodom Restaurant with a parking place, the food is not cheap and also not tasty, but acceptable for a small town on the road like this place, I did not expect more than the clean food.

Driving inside Angkor Wat area (last)
Driving to the Angkor Wat Ticket Office.

The ticket office to Angkor Wat does not locate INSIDE or NEAR the temple, it is outside, in between of Siemriep and Angkor Wat site. Remember to buy the ticket first, or you will have to go back, buy the ticket and come again. The rule is strict, no deal with the security guys.

Driving into Angkor Wat site

The road is good, drive slow to enjoy the forest and the local houses along the road.

Driving to Angkor Wat site from the town

You will cross the town from Siem Riep, take a road through the forest, the street is good condition, drive slow to enjoy the sideview.

Road in Siem Riep (on the way to Angkor Wat)

The street is not empty, but easy to drive because the people is get used to driving car in their country, so they won't cross the street suddenly, but don't drive too fast, there're curves along.

Driving in Siem Riep

The street is busy, drive carefully.

Koh Ker Temple Teaser

The video has been taken at Koh Ker Temple, and ancient Cambodian temple in the middle of the forest. We came here on a weekend, still have to buy the ticket (US$ 10 each), and visit the place about 1 hour, nobody else but we and some westerners, I guess the rest is gathering around Angkor Wat in Siem Riep. The place is nice, the pyramid is square and the air is quite, it is a good place to visit in North Cambodia. Koh Ker temple is the biggest of its surrounding cover hectas in the forest, this was once a reign in Cambodia history, but soon they moved back south after spending their last penny to built the temples. Admirably.

Đổ Đèo 28 Hồ Tà Đùng - Di Linh

trích 5', sợ người coi chán.

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