Trích một cái thơ gởi ông thầy cũ

Tui viết email cho ông thầy cũ, trong thơ có đoạn vầy:

These days, Saigon is a chaos like a … tropical forest, and people are jumping around like hungry monkeys to hunt their bananas, haha… Sometimes, I had to stop on the sidewalk and took a look to the crowd on the street and asked myself: am I right or am I wrong when I came back and worked here!

But I think I took the right choice! I see the future ahead!

Phải, I see the future ahead!

4 thoughts on “Trích một cái thơ gởi ông thầy cũ

  1. Ông thầy ổng reply vầy:

    “Sounds like you’re keeping yourself busy doing the right things.

    You were definitely right to choose Vietnam over Korea…there you have a great chance of making something of yourself…never would’ve happened in Korea.”

    Dạ thầy, em cũng tin là em đúng nữa thầy!

  2. Thế mới thấy, dù sự thật đang diễn ra làm mình thất vọng lắm, nhưng rồi vì “YÊU” nên mình vẫn cứ hy vọng, anh nhỉ!!!

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